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Before you begin:

Please follow the instructions on the ATM screen. To select an action, use the keys on the front panel and Functional numeric keypad. To confirm, correct or cancel you can also use the "Enter / Enter", "Adjustment / Correction", "Cancel / Cancel".

It should look like an invitation that says "Please insert"

Insert the card into the reader in the ATM (the slot with a flashing green LED) magnetic strip down to his hologram.

Prompt to "Select Language". Choose Your language.

Enter your pin code:

Please correct dial your PIN! You are given three attempts, after which the card will be blocked and delayed.

Before dialing the PIN, make sure that no one is watching your actions and do not try to peep digit PIN.

For security purposes, strictly forbidden to give (tell) your PIN to others.

Never did disclose your PIN. Remember that you do not have anyone and not have to tell him, no representatives of the bank, or to law enforcement officials, or friends or to strangers.

Enter the PIN code and press "Submit".

You will see a menu operation.

"View Balance"

After selecting the operation "View Balance" menu will appear with two items: "Print check" and "Output balance for the screen". Select the desired action.""

After viewing or printing the balance you can perform another operation by selecting "Yes" to the prompt "Do you wish to continue?"

"Cash withdrawal"

After selecting the operation "Cash withdrawal" menu item appears "Select sum". Make your selection by pressing the contrary it should be, or hold down the "other amounts" to set an arbitrary amount. Enter the desired amount and click the "Enter" or "Confirm".

Wait for the operation.

Take your card (note: in case of a delay of more than 5 seconds delay ATM card).

Take your money (NOTE: in case of a delay of more than 5 seconds, the ATM will take the money back.)

Do not forget your receipt!

NOTE: If you are unable to perform an operation ATM tells you why the refusal by issuing one of the appropriate messages to the screen:

  • Invalid PIN
  • Insufficient funds
  • The operation is rejected by your bank
  • Your card is too late
  • The last transaction can not be completed

If you do a "cash withdrawal", be sure to wait until the operation is complete, either give money to an ATM, or a message with the cause of failure and the subsequent invitation to "Please insert"