The State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan


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Outcomes of the first quarter demonstrate that the economy of Turkmenistan is steadily developed. The growth rates of the GDP remains on 6.2 percent level from the beginning of the year.

Comparing with the same period of the last year, volumes of export of local good have grown by 20.7 percent while import reduced almost by 27 percent.

Volumes of production of various items have increased comparing with the same period of the last year. Positive dynamics of production of confectionary and meat products as well as flour, bread, bakery and pasta has been observed.

The growth rate of indicators in transport and communication sector was observed for the period under review. Cargo traffic by all modes of transport has been increased by 6.4 percent while passenger traffic by 4 percent in January – March comparing with the same period of 2018. The growth rate in communication sphere is equal to 2.7 percent.

The growth rates of agricultural production were provided on 28.2 percent level.

The volume of drawn investments from all sources of financing was 5 billion manats.

The growth of non-governmental sector of the economy, which share in total production was 63.3 percent, has also been reached in the first quarter of the year.

By April 1 of this year, the revenue of the main financial plan of the country has been fulfilled by 104.7 percent while the expenditure part by 84.3 percent.

Average salary wages at big and medium facilities have increased by 9.4 percent comparing with the first quarter of the last year. Salaries, pensions, state allowances and student scholarships have been paid in time for the period under review.